Saturday, September 13, 2008

i wasn't dreaming on photo night.......

Chapter 1:

The first time started out as a night of just dinner, wine and a light photo session for them........ but it turned into so much more. (this is going to be a good one, i am going to get myself a glass of red to sit and re-enjoy this with Yyou)

That first night started out with the same expectations as anyone would think that one would plan out. Yes i am coming over for dinner and a lil vino or two, and yes i would love to take some photos for you. Actually, it would be my pleasure to take some kinky photos for you. Nothing else is expected in this, just a good giggle between good friends of old and some good vino and food.... oh yes - pervy pics. i am thinking to myself as i am heading over there what a wonderful time this will be, and it will get my mind off of all the ickiness going on with my mind and body right now. These thoughts are actually putting a smile upon my face, and making me feel happy again. Even though at a moment, just a nano second, i thought i was doing something wrong. As if i hadn't ask for permission, and this was all being done behind someone's back. But that thought and feeling only lasted a moment, and i pushed it away.

The wine was perfect! It not only warmed us up, but it made us laugh and make jokes as if life was rolling along in no direction. we remembered a few from our past, and wondered what Oothers were doing now. we talked about the now, and what was happening in our lives. And we talked about the future, and what we looked forward to in the hopes of some sanity for us both in our wild world of kink. And the food was wonderful, it filled our void as we sat and talked. It wasn't as if it was replacing anything, no not at all. But what it did was compliment what the evening was turning into, and made the wine and chat all that better. (sips more wine)

As time wore on it was decided to finally get into photo mode. So my pervy friend got out all their lil outfits and toys and accessories to go with, even a body harness to my delight. There was quite a lot of leather and latex there to be put on, and a fair amount of leather bindings if one was to get right into it. As we sat there deciding what would be best to start out with, many thoughts ran through my mind. Yes, you could say i was perving over a few things there and thinking.... WOW, this could be fun if there was a Top here. A top and pants were decided upon, with a most engaging enclosed hood for just the right effect. i grabbed a few cow-tie cuffs, and some rope just in case there were some poses that i could get in for art sake. And off to the living room we went, where there were plenty of kinky apparatus to be tied to and hung from. Nummy! (large sip of wine)

Choosing just to get a nice backdrop and some floor pics for now was a great idea. As after that, we could go from there. Set up the lights, set up the background, and set up the scene. (sips more wine) i rub some lubricating agent all over their bodice, just to get that right shine. ( yup, more wine) Place them in just the right position to start with, and get a few starter shots to make sure all is looking good so far. And yes, what a wonderful subject. The lights are set just right, and the camera is perfect in my hands, and away i go. Not sure how many photos i took, but i certainly had some fun. With in all of this making sure my subject did not go thirsty and letting them sip their wine through that black mask, of course sipping mine along with them. their body looked so sleek in that out fit, even with the top off. Just beautiful, and something any Dom/me should be proud to own if They should choose them. If i were one, i certainly would be knocking down this door to get in here and have a whipping or two. (sips a lot more wine)

After many photos were taken and the heat of the light lamps had gotten to us both we decided that was it for the night. Taking the camera to the comp and loading it up to see what all there was, and there were a few good shots in there that could be played with. Not bad i thought, even with the vino in play. we had a good laugh and chat afterwards, and just 'be' as i always like to be when i am relaxed. But noticing the time, and that it was quite late, a different thought ran through my lil head. Not only was it very late and if i were to go i had to now, but i was slightly too tipsy to be going home alone on the train and bus at this hour. Yes, it was the vino. Now me being the practical safe person, i am not going to put myself at risk and do so. So it was decided that i would sleep over, and not worry about where i was going. Grab a t-shirt, and crash..... no big deal. Right? (drinks rest of wine in glass, re-fills with smile on face)

Yes all intentions were to just sleep and keep hands to ourselves. At least that was the point of the t-shirt, and what was going on in our heads at least. But intentions don't always come into fruition, and something else just might. Especially when there are other things going on in one's head, and even when one's life is a lil off kilter and has no straight strings to worry about. Really, that i can think of. Well as Yyou can imagine by now as these words flow from my fingers, so did a few other things in that room that night. Many other things flowed, not just from one person, but from us both. And was it ever most delicious, and delightful. Talk about a great phuck! (drinks half a glass of wine) What really puts a smile on my face right now, and yes there is one, is not only how fun it was... but all that it entailed that made it that great. Now don't get me wrong here, i have had some wonderful phucks this year... and several years past. But this was so different from them all, and in all the right ways, but dirty wrong ways-*wink wink*. Now i am sure Yyou are all thinking in the Ds manner right now, how One goes about phucking Yyour partners. The Top does this, and controls it this way and that. And yes, omg yes, that is wonderful and great in all the right ways.... more than i can say. As that is what i live for and strive for, and cum for..... that is me, and what gets me going going gone. But imagine two subs, all inhibitions thrown out the window, great long time friends, no one to answer to.... phucking. who's on top? who's on the bottom? Wait...... who does what to whom? Does anyone tell anyone what to do, or does it just happen? And is there any of that "ummm, what do we do now?" going on? Or is it just natural, and it just flows like there is nothing to think about. And wait, does one of them decide to take the reins at one point and top a lil..... or even both at one point or another..... *grins*. It's all good in the end, and it all turns out great. But for two subs/slaves, it was a good getting your freak on. (drinks wine glass empty, pours more)

Now not to put anyone to shame here..... but my lil phucking friend is quite well equipped to say the least. So it at times did pose some thoughts and grunts; and when me - who luvs to give head - went in that direction..... my eyes were almost bigger than my stomach. A girl gives it a good 'ol slave try, and wins right down to the bottom. Yes. Though when on top, omg i got to ride!!!!!, i sometimes wondered if i would cum out alive or not. But i certainly could put out a fire if asked, again and again. And that night seemed to never end, and i was quite happy to oblige.

Walking away the next morning after we went out for breakfast with that huge smile on my face and a bounce in my step made me ponder a few things. Was it a dream, and am i going to wake up from this? Was that ever fun, and i hope we do that again. What a great friend he is, and i can't believe after all these years that we did that. Holly cow, if my friends could see me now..... but thank goodness they don't. Nananee boo boo - to a certain few. And i had a very happy stroll to my ride home, with such a great day onward... and week

****end of chapter one of this story. There are a few more to follow yet, and i am sure there will be more. Rather, i am positive. (drinks more wine, and toasts all those out there getting a great phuck).

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