Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lube, Fire or Ice? But serene and peaceful all the same.

  i was able to watch not just one sunset the night before. But last night's sunset was rather serene and peaceful, and didn't need anything behind it. As i sat there and reflected on the events of late, listening to the music of a lil birdie near by, all i could think was how nice it must be for that sun to be able to turn off and away each day an not have to worry not a thing till the morn. What a life, just to float by each day and shine on the world each day with a smile. Non other to worry of, no other commitments. Already in the fire play mode, lucky sun. And always turned on, not having to worry about foreplay. Of course the whole being hot thingy all the time would have a drying effect, and hence a worlds supply of lube would be in order. This now makes me wonder the type of toy the sun would prefer. Hmmmmmm.


Speaking of ice.........................................hehehehehe.

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