Friday, September 7, 2007

Didn't Win A Single Ticket - Scorpions/Tommy

Sadening day in a way today......The other day i found out that i didn't win the tickets to the Scorpions concert coming up on the 12th. Grrrrrr. Then today, i found out i didn't win the tickets to one of the Tommy Chong nights during the Commedy Festival (13-15th) at Laugh Lines for him. Double Pout!!!! So i am drowing my sorrows in surfing movies and a 78% choco bar, and vanilla chai tea.

i haven't seen Scorpions live in concert in years..... and no one knows what i would do for that. And i saw Tommy Chong on my 20th Birthday in my home town; did the skit with him, had a blast, then partied with him for the weekend.... total blast. And i would do pretty much anything to go see him again, i mean anything. He could make even the sternist person laugh, and make one's life happy for a whole year. *sigh*i will just have to find ways to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of not being able to go either of these wonderful events... and look forward to the the next Rascals.

Missing my indi girl.


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