Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Old Posts To Update From "Other" Blog

Here are the postings up to date from my blog in alt. i thought it would be great that they were posted here, then it would all fit in perfectly and make some sense before i started posting again. As i have a few words to add here again after a long week of business, and tons of perviness.... OMG the perviness. So here goes......

i will post the fist post i did in alt now, and then do replies as to the dates thereafter.



May 20, 2007 12:08 am

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Title: Filling Out Topics

So someone mentioned a lil while back that i should start a blog. More so to post the lil poems i write, and maybe put in some of my lil rambles of life that might make sense. So finally here i am, in a blog. lol. Too funny. As i do have a blog elsewhere in the wonderful world of the web, but this will prove rather interesting as it is completely for kink.

So tonight i am sitting here getting to those lil questions that some of U/us like to fill out in O/our profiles now and then. things that actually might give insight to what W/we are like, and how our personalities flow in this pervy world. As i have said in my profile, i do get to these from time to time, and fill a few out at a time.... and have up-dated a few lately as well (life has changed, and W/we all grow).

Then i got to thinking how long it actually takes to fill these questions out. Now i am not even counting the fetish check list, just the extra responses. i have only sat here for a couple of hours on about 3 sections... and thought wow. This is actually quite time consuming when one thinks about it, and no wonder so many people don't sit down and completely fill these out. This isn't the first site i have done this, and know that it can take some time. But it would make it easier it W/we could just copy-paste all the responses across the board, but then that would be too easy. Torture is the game here.If it were to be broken down to time, and how much someone would get paid to answer all these questions in full and honestly - it would be a nice chunk of change in my pocket at least. Then i thought why not alt give considerable extra credit to members who fill out the entire sections, in full. i think that is fitting, as it is a lot of work. But that would be asking too much i am sure, and then that would mean paying out some what if everyone caught on. lol. But W/we get credit for most other things in here, including posting in the mag and even voting on submissions. Just a thought.

That is my ramble. Now that i have spent considerable question answer time in here, i should go back and see what else i can finish off before i have to jet off.

Have a perfectly pervy weekend folks.

lil d


Lil D said...

Jun 4, 2007 12:28 am
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i just returned from Idaho a few days ago to which i have been gone far to long now. i was attending a memorial for my Grandma Nan, for whom i know i will miss for the rest of my lil life. Of course it was much hotter than it was here (but not as humid, thank gawd), and on one certain day i got a lil too much sun... but worth it. i had the privilege of doing the main eulogy as well as a poem i wrote, to which i do believe a paper down there is going to publish according to my Uncle Hoss. Sadly though she was the only one in my Family, immediate and extended, who actually understood me, supported me, and allowed me to be me as i am. Even if there might have been a lil disapproval on certain things, and that was so minute, she was always behind me no matter where i was or what i was doing in my life. This i do not get from anyone else in my family life, and i will miss dearly.
What i am getting at i guess is that not many of U/us have family in O/our lives that know and support O/our lil pervy lives that W/we live. And no matter to what extent it is of U/us, be it a small part or a rather large part of O/our lives, W/we don't have that support in O/our immediate reach. So if W/we ever needed someone to talk to or needed support from, especially from a family member and outside of O/our pervy world, it is a rather hard thing to grasp for most peeps.... as T/they do not have what a few lucky souls do - Family support in T/their Perfectly Pervy Lives.
It is great when one can "Come Out" as they might say. But that doesn't always entail the family, it could just be within one's general circle and work maybe, all depending on the consequences each poses. As i consider myself out, but not all my friends know and will never really know, and certainly the majority of my family will never know of my perviness. Though i still stand firm on the fact that i believe in W/we all, even the ones who think they are just Nilla, and have a lil bit a Pervy in all of us...... it just has to have the the opportunity to be brought out or cumm out.
Now i am wondering how many out there that T/their families do know of the pervy/kink lives. Is it a lot, a medium amount, or just a small percentage. Could i just be shooting for the stars here in thinking that maybe one day that i might find someone else in my family, or extended, that i could talk to and find comfort in when needed. And when that day comes, when that special Someone/Dom finds me in my right time, that i have to explain to a family member as to why there are hooks in the ceiling and no plants or hangers hanging from them. That is always the pleasant conversation, and one that one doesn't always want to repeat too many times over. But, to have that one special person who Y/you are close to in Y/your family, or even many if possible (the dream is always there), to be just Y/you with in all Y/your perviness and not hide..... or worry about the whipping pole sticking out from the rafters to the floor. Who really wants to have to get out the wrench and take that down every time there is company coming over that may not know, especially if Y/you entertain a lot with family and nilla friends.... or just want to have someone over for tea. i am all for maybe not wearing a full Kollar out in public when not appropriate for day to day activities, as not everyone would be comfortable around U/us and W/we all do have R/T life to live as well (though some are quite pretty and tasteful). And i did receive a most wonderful comment on an old one of mine, to which they thought was just a choker..... smiles.
It is just that wanting to have people in Y/your life from outside of Y/your perviness........ Where do Y/you find that line, that comfort... if W/we ever have that privilege. And when Y/you do - embrace it for all it is. For Y/you never know when one might lose it, and Y/you are left wondering - What next?

lil d

Lil D said...

Jul 21, 2007 1:48 am
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Title: Kinster With Folksters

i attending the 30th Annual "Vancouver Folk Music Festival" last weekend. Yipeee, woohoo, what a rush.
The music rocked, the people were wonderful as usual that attended, and the peeps i with made it the cream on top. i had plenty of favs to listen to, especially at the eve stage. But Sunday afternoon was probably the best day of all, and i couldn't keep up with a few that i truly wanted to listen to. going from stage to stage to stage, and back again. lol. And at the eve Main stage that night, there was even a group from my home town of Whitehorse. A story teller with a guitar player to accompany her, and a drummer. Just rockin all night with many bands.... even a hip-hop group with a bluesy flair. i even liked it, that is saying something.

Well to make that day even better, as his is a pervy blog.......
i took my wonderful rockin bluesy peeps to a c'boy hat seller on the outide, as they needed to be shown or would get lost finding it. And as we got there i showed them which hats were the best, and how much they were... si was looking at them a lil while before. And the most wonderful C'boy Hat Seller made the greatest comment to me. "It almost sounds like one of my employees, have to check on that. But are you bondable or bondageable?" With a cute slant grin, like any good Top would. And of course i said both. *EG* hehehehehe. He then said he would have to send his girlfriend ovewr for a interview, i'm like ok. lol. And i asked for commission on the hats he just sold to my friends. lol. Didn't get it of course, but worth trying.

But it just goes to show one can find her perfectly perviness even at a Folk Music Festival. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

lil d

Lil D said...

Jul 23, 2007 7:24 pm
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Title: How To Grow A Bigger Dinky

For those fellows out there that are a lil worried about their dinky size.....

First off - it really isn't the size, it is how you use it. An trust me when i say - 10 inchwes is tooooooooooooooooooooo big.

But i got a wonderful lil piece of information today. This is true facts here, straight from a doctor......
If a man loses 35 pounds, he gains 1 inch in shaft length. Yes it is true!!!!!! So if a fellow is slightly overweight, you can go out and work out and gain some dinky size when you lose the spare tire.
So if your health isn't important enough a reason to get healthy and lose weight, then maybe, just maybe, your dinky size is.

Happy pervin

lil d