Monday, September 10, 2007

Spring Time Relationship in Summer Days For My Good Friend

A wonderful and great friend of mine, who also happends to be a Domme, is in a new relationship with s truly wonderful Dom. She sounds so happy, and this is good on her for sure. Though this is new, i can see this lasting a long time.... if not for good. Knowing who the Dom is, i am quite pleased. i do believe they compliment each other well, and He will treat her like the Queen/princess that she is.
It was rather funny hearing her ask me the other day on how one works with two Doms in a relationship. As i stated to her, it happends, and works all the time. i kow of many Dom couples, and they work out very well.... and are quite happy and healthy. Yes there are many dinamics to work out between the two, but it does work. There has to be an undestanding that there never is a "one up on each other", and there are two people there to compliment each other, and well, yes you don't share each other's "toys," as in bottoms. lol. But it does work, and when it does... it is like no music you have never heard.

i am just Yipppppeeeeee!!!! for her right now.

Now if only everyone else was in the spring mode right now. lol. Yes i know it's summer, but one can dream can't she.

Found my shopping object today finally!!!! OMG. They actually had it, and only had to go to one store. WOW. i didn't have to get out a whip, poutters. But if anyone offers, i will be whipped for my troubles. lol.

9 more days til "Mom's day".

Can't wait til Rascals

Nighters... going to go and walk the pooch, have a tea and relax. It is 12:26 am now, way past my bed time soon.

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