Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wonder why they want you to shop there?

i spent a better part of 4 hours today hunting for one redundent (now i am calling it) thing to day in several stores. i believe i went to 5 strores for this object, and still did not find it. Even going as far as calling ahead to the last two to see if they had it; they saying they did, and ariving to find that they actually didn't. And then wanting to whip them in a bad way for their discression in bad inforation, and making me go out of my way. Not forgetting to tell them that i had been hunting around previously for this, and that i was not in a car... on transit. Grrrrrrrr.
Getting home i called a few places and finally found this thing. Yippeeee. But it is the whole: " Make sure this is exactly what i am seeking, as i have gone through this already today and have gotten to the place to find out that they don't have it." So tomorrow i will finnish my adventure of searching for my "something", and hopefully actually come away satisfied. Wish me luck. lol.
And then maybe, just maybe, i won't turn into that sadistic bitch that i truly hate being. *sigh*

Started to learn the Finger 11 song "Paralyzed" today. Omg. i can actually sing that one, surprisingly. i must put that one in my lil song book one day, and try it out in scareioki one day. lol. When ever that may be, hopefully in 10 days maybe.... or 8 if i follow peeps days off if they are to join me for "mom's day." Really like singing Ferfie and BJ songs though, and my old favs. Must stop tourturing myself, and get someone to do this to me more frequently. (ponders as to wehre a certain someone is)
i have noticed that i tend to walk into things more often when i haven't been playing as often. Does anyone else notice this with themselves? Must do a poll, or question this one out.

10 more days til Mom's day.
Can you believe it's been 10 years already. wow. Miss you. Wish i made it in time, and wish i could have told you how much i loved and forgave you for all our differences. i know one day would have made a difference, but two weeks would have made my life.
6 years and 14 days since MJS's day. *sigh* Miss you tons. You will always be in my heart, and have a part of it. Always there, never forgotten, and always my rock to keep me going on.

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