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Old Post - Why Be Pervy At Home

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Aug 6, 2007 7:05 pm

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Title: Why Be Pervy At Home

If anyone ever wonders why i don't care to make it out to many events these days......it is because of all the bickering, gossiping, backstabbing, and nonsense that happens around here these days. i am not sure if it is because of todays day and age of the net, but it certainly has gotten worse over the years. And being a lifer, that is saying something at my age. Though i do remember a time when it was fun to get out and about a lot, and still there was some of this going on. W/we are adults (or at least i would hope W/we are), so let's hold some decorum and act like it. So as it goes, i am preferring being the "at-home" parties and play. the more private part of it, it is quieter and less poo happening around me. Of course W/we can't forget that one can do a lil more in private than can be done at a public play party, and that can be a lil more satisfying than one might imagine. i still am doing my socializing at a few munches, and oddly enough.... making it to a main event or two; i love to run into people and say hello and see what T/they are up to these days..... and maybe play a lil bit.

It's the bickering and and fighting and what-nots happening in this GVRD community that drive the good people away from the openness of it all. So if Y/you ever wonder where all the good ones have gone, look to T/heir homes - where T/they don't have to deal with the politics of it all. i know of many that have decided that T/they just don't care to make it out to many of the events for these same reasons, and that T/they are tired of it all as well. That the home play is not only more satisfying, but more peaceful. That is saying something.

i am very happy to see that there are many new events started up in O/our GVRD. This is not only a good thing for the different styles and types of people out there, but it also works with people scedules, but also likes and dis-likes. W/we all don't go to every event going on in this fair town, as well all don't enjoy what each event has to offer......sadly. W/we are all different, and that is a good thing. Hence why it is good that W/we have several Munches happening every month, not just one or two. Woo hoo to Munches!!!

i have come to a time in my life where i just don't need to be out there. Always in the light of it all, in every BDsm crowd and scene. My life has gotten a lil more simpler, and a lot more quieter in some ways. This does not mean i have completely left my perviness, goodness no. It just means i am not out there flaunting my perviness at every party and event, just a select few.... and keeping to the more intimate plays. i am still me - a masochist, slave/sub/wench, and always will be. i will never hide it from the better part of my life, as it is sometimes hard to do..... it permeates from me like a fine perfume. lol. (Opium, Oscar Dellarente, or Body Shops Vanilla or lt. Musk). Most of my friends know (a select few don't), and most of my family doesn't..... though my dad is about to find out. Pray for me please. Even though he is a pretty kewl guy, and probably has a lil clue already. i just have to get him past the "they are not hurting me" pa part, not sure how it will go. but that is all part of being me, and i take full part in it. (How does one tell their dad, or rather a masochist subbie girl? - If anyone has any pointers, please send them on.)

Some day i know my dreams of the politics of this lifestyle will lesson. i think it is just U/us having to be more accepting of everyone, and less judgemental of each of ourselves. Accept each of us for who we are, and our diversities. And then help our fellow P/Perv when needed, especially in hard times. Mentor them, give them a helping hand, or even just talk them for a chat when Y/you may think they need a friend. Not this "i can't do anything, so they can figure it out for themselves", or the "they got themselves into this, so they can get themselves out", or the better yet..."They have to learn sometime, might as well be now," always a good one i hear. And if i ever hear of a good Top Mentor out there looking to help a newbie Top, i will pass on the word. And there is always subbie mentors out there, you just have to seek and say....just ask.

W/we are all responsible for what W/we are doing. In other words, W/we reflect on each other. Not just "He is at fault, or she did it", W/we all set an example for everyone..... and if one bad apple is spoiled and it gets out, W/we all look bad. And if W/we start to trash and bash a peep for one transgression in public, especially for a lil one, without full knowledge of what happened, Y/you could be hurting that person for life. This is what bugs me, people not getting BOTH sides of the story. Just running off with one persons.... this happened to me, and going with that. That is how rumors happen, and people get hurt.

i am happy where i am in my life. Not worry about whether i am making the next party or not, and if i have the right outfit to wear.... though i do if meeting with a particular Dom. i don't worry about who is talking about me, as i don't care. i am me, and i have my own life to live. Yes i do miss a few things in some ways, but what really am i missing..........Besides some great friends and a few good times - poor decorum, rumorville, bashing, and certain things i could care not to see ( no ethics ).

For those i haven't seen in a while, and do miss dearly.... OMG, i hope to see Y/you soon, at an event sooner or later. i was at the last Rascals, lol. Hello, how are Y/you?, and i hope all is going perfectly pervy with everything in Y/you lives...... Y/you know where to find me, i hope. lol.

Here's to all the pervs out there!!!!!

Have a Perfectly Pervy Summer!!!!

Happy Lughnasadh!!!!

i hope Y/you reap some of that wonderful pervy fruit out there.

lil d

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