Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mini Floggers and Canes & Vamps Oh my!!!!

The vamps got ahold of me again yesterday. Grrrr. So here i sit again with another hole in my arm, and watching the bruise grow again. i hope this is the last time i donate blood for no reason at all, with no outcome. Some day they will figure this out.
Though i did manage to delay my non-consensual needle play for another three weeks. Yipeee. Tis was supposed to be at the end of this month, but it has been re-booked an extra three weeks there after. Didn't think i was going to manage something as that, kind of like moving mountains. So then maybe one day i can look forward to true needle play..............
Na!!! Please bring me the blade; the cold hard feeling of a wonderful knife running over my shivering body. *shigh*

Today i finnished getting together the 60 or so mini floggers ready for w.c.g. i hope she likes them, as they are so cute. Funky lil things that they are, and so much fun not only to make, but to play with. i can't wait til i get more material in to make more, in many different colors and sizes. Now i just have to get my lil bumm on to my "lil d's kisses", way behind on them. Pluss my canes, have a few of those on the go. Gotta love making canes, and receiving them.
All this talk about toys is truly getting my lil mind going. Makes me want to go and play, stick my lil bumm in front of a toy or two. Hmmmmmm. Must make a note to go to the next party, or at least the private play i have planned cumming up.

13 more days til "Mom's day".

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