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Old Post - Something New, Something Black n Blue

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Aug 27, 2007 9:52 pm

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Title: Something New, Something Black n Blue

Ever go to a party, and do something different than one would normally do?

Now i am not saying go right over your limits, or stepping on the other side of the door persay. Something that you would never do normally; not in a public play space, around many other people, something completely off the normal scale for yourself. Something that you say you never do, unless one is told to do it (unless it is for the right sis or two). But then when you do do it...... enjoy it.

Now this could be almost anything now. And the best part of it all is that it was at a private party, not a public party. So only a select few would see this action, event, experience, marvel, avocation, phenomenom, adventure if you will. And even better to add to this story, i was not alone in this activity..... in total there were three of us. Now i am not going to name names, so please don't think i am going to even give hints of whom they might be. But i will say this, neither of us were Tops. Though this may be irrelevant, there was some Topping going on. And one particular person walked away with a most wonderful grin on their face, and grateful words out of their mouths. Another receieved a mouthful, and the last was truly turned on and wanted to go for more...... if the first could keep on going that is.

Will this precept happen again? Who knows, that is for another day and time to tell. Of course there would have to be another aquesition of people to to do the activity, and hwo many. Would it be the same? Or would it go further? Can one go back from there if they keep crossing that line? And could this be called edge play, or just limit play?That i can not devine. This is for only the acts to know, and understand.... and maybe some day down that path, proclaim it again.

and again.......

Oh, you want to know what it was that we did. lol. Y/you see now, that is the brat in me, and you will have to anticipate the next chapter.

perfectly pervy

lil d

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