Thursday, September 20, 2007

Perfectly Pervy Whippings, and my Burbs in here.

So as i was sitting here last night, working on a few things... sorting things out, deciding what to do, and working on a few lil things on my comp. Then knowing i had to get a few new programs on here so as i can get my two comps linked up soon, and get rid of a few to do so... bla bla - chitter for some folk out there. Getting rather lost in chat with a friend, and not paying attention to what i was into, i managed to actually delete a whole section out of here while attempting to add a link to it. Pffffft me. Oh well, it will happen at some point in time. And now i know what buttons not to press to drob a bomb. lol.

so if you see that wonderful list of missing links of great sites i like and belong to missing right now..... i am on it.

The Munch last week went splendid. i enjoyed myself, and am sure others did as well. Newbies showed up, even with a swinger to-boot. Always nice to have a different mixture in our pervy world, and haven't had those there for while. Hope they show up again, as they have been to a few of our parties before and enjoyed themselves.

i managed to get a few pics of my rather beautiful looking bumm the other day. It does look like i sat on a bed of nails and moved around a bit, and that is a good thing. Yipeeee! i am truly thankful for the wonderful Domme that made the pretty picture on my lil bumm with the single tail, and in such a short time as well. i lost count after 30, and i can't quite bend that far around to see most of them. And those 3 band-aids aren't bothersome at all, and have stayed on rather well - even with the balm. Thank you to the DM for the help in tending to that - Holding the flashlight, and making sure we got all the band-aids on right.... and watching intently as well. *wink wink*.
PS to E. does it look like i'm a whoos now?????? lol.

Thank you to my ride home!!! And for taking me for food afterwards, so as i could get some strength back. And make sure that i was not going to fall fast, on a downward path. your a peach!!!!!!

W/we did such a short warm-up for that lil whip play. i am surprised it went so well, but not to the fact of how i was still warming up on the ride to get food on the way home. i had such a warm, phenomenal sleep that night/morning, and the wake-up was refreshing. But i was in a enjoyable blur the whole day to follow, and worth it.

This makes up missing my bday whippings this last year. And hopefully i will still get them some day down the road, as a girl can always hope and pray.

Thank you Rascals - WestC. G and D. for the most superb time at Rascals!!!!!! i look forward to the year to cumm, and the many more perfectly pervy times that i know, not only me, but the rest of us will see and do down the road. Muah!!!!!

Now i am off to go and have a shower....... hehehehe. Change my lil band-aids, and dress my lil spotted bumm.... maybe play connect the dots. shhhhhhhh.

wishin you all a perfectly pervy week to cumm into the weekend.

lil d

oh yes..... the vamps are coming!!!!

the vamps are coming!!!

omg. are they. grrrrrr

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