Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Starting New Blog Space

Well i thought i would start a new blog space that everyone i know can get ahold of. This one they can read, get into, and hopefully not have too many troubles with. Though i do have a web site of my own, to which i will post here at another date after i update it (i have to do so when i get all the stuff from my old drives, grrrr). So i hope this works out, and isn't all that confusing to anyone.
Any story i tell here will be mostly about me. All will be true, and only my name will be used unless permission has been given by other participants. lol. i think this is only fair, and in the true nature of our life and peeps. i will ramble on about anything, and everything pretty much. Though i will keep out certain things, as you all don't need to hear about some things. i might give hints, or nics to those though. Y/you just never know what you may find in here, and what not to find.
i should maybe put some things in here to catch up on.... but that would be tacky maybe. Please let me know, as Your input is important to me.
i will leave this thought for now, as my pooch is looking to go for a trot out and about now. The big snivle puss that he can be, and some think he is such a scary dog. lol. Oh yes he can be, i wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley if i were a strange male... that is for sure. But boy is he a ham, and a snivler. wow. A big kid, and will be till the day he passes. *sigh* He is my bubba, that is a given. but i love him to bits and pieces, and wouldn't trade him for nothing. He makes me smile every day, especially when i need that pick-me-up. He is definately my mirror. A happy-go-lucky dude, who loves to live life, play as much as he can, and eat all the good stuff.

Well till we meet again.


lil d

1 comment:

aj said...

hihi, jsut stopped in after work, lol, needed a lil pick me up too! **huggles!**
hope to see your smiles soonest! lol, gah! soo busy!
bubba get thru that 'indstructble' frizzbe yet? lol
till laters!
happy deep snuggles!