Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not So Pervy Verbal Diarrhea - Grrrrrrrr

Now that i have posted all those in here... wow. i feel much better and up to date, and i don't feel so bad if anyone is missing anything. lol. And i can move onto bigger and better things to chat about in the going-ons in my lil pervy life, mostly good..... some not so good.

Have you ever received "verbal diarrhea" in your email box that weighed on your brain for days on end. Something that one shouldn't be receiving anymore, that is truly old news and should be forgotten and not talked about. i have and did this past week, or rather last week. And sadly it was like an obdurate object in my brain, and is still yet to be gone. It weighed on my brain over the perfectly pervy weekend, and this i tried hard to not let take over my pervy thoughts and fun.
i had written back this person after their rather tasteless email to me. i even did so in a rather fair and pleasant manner, and not tearing a strip out of this person as they so deserved for their slip of the tasteless tounge towards me. i am thinking that they didn't get the message, that it flew over their head. As they wrote back with a moot point about googling my nic, and what comes up when you do. No apology or regret for their words, not a single peep of remorse; just one line of a witless comment.
So it makes me wonder if i should even mention a word to this person about his indescretion towards me. Would it sink in, or would they even care. Would this person just go off the handle like they do with anyone else that doesn't agree with their oppinions, and start a spat with me. Who knows, and should i even care. but to put it to the point, i would rather not have any more to do with this person. Personally anyone who digs up old junctures in my life that were not all that great (and i have gone past it all, and moved on), and have no business doing so as it didn't concern them, should be put out to dry in my books.

What would anyone else do? Do you confront this person and say your peace, and tell them how you feel. Then say that you are keeping your distance from now on, and hope that mutual friends between you understand. Or do you just let it be as is, and hope that this person just leaves you alone when you stop answering emails and such. Maybe they will eventually catch the hints that are being thrown out there, even though it may seem like they never will.
Human nature is a complicated subject. We are all different in many ways, and never something that one can write a single book on with the one true answer on. i have learned many a path and life long lesson over the years, and still will keep on learning. And the one thing that i have learned, is that some people can take it right to heart and some can take it right in the face. But it's how one delivers it that makes the difference, and whom one is delivering the message to.
i am guessing this one is up to me for a long ponder for the rest of this week to go over. Then maybe, after another week has past, i will have my answer.... i hope.

Praying for no more verbal diarrhea.
More perfectly perviness please......
Next post: fun at Rascals!!!!!!! And a few things that happend prior in the week, that were pervy;)
lil d

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