Thursday, August 28, 2008

slaves Say The Darndest Things

This is a lil something that i found in my book of goodies. So dusted it off, and thought i would share it with someone, and that is all of Yyou. This list has been passed around from sub/slave to sub/slave for several years now, and i am sure it is still going strong.... or at least i hope so. Please don't blame me for this list, blame the subby who sent it to me - the one who had such great influence in me coming out of my lil shell and  being a lil more ........ silly (that's a good word).
Wwe all should take time out to have a giggle now and then. Isn't it all about having some fun once and a while, because Wwe enjoy what Wwe are and do.

Slaves Say the Darndest Things:

1. Doesn't my opinion count for anything Sir?
2. But what if i don't want to?
3. That's gonna really hurt, isn't it?
4. Hey Sir, When do i get a day off?
5. You don't expect me to clean that up do you?
6. Is it ok if i invite my family for dinner?
7. Has anyone ever told You that you can be a real Prick sometimes?
8. Uh Oh, i shouldn't have said that should i have?
9. Sir i can't wear a gag, how am i supposed to answer the phone?
10. Naked!! Do you realize how cold it is?
11. You want to pierce my WHAT?!?!?
12. i'm glad this isn't my real job because the pay really sucks...
13. Not tonight Sir, i have a headache.. Ow!..Ow! . never mind,  i was just kidding.
14. WOW, You can go from 0 to Bastard in less than 2.6 seconds.
15. You want it when? In what way??
16. Do You mind if i finish my cigarette first?
17. But Sir, i DID put it on my to do list...
18. But Master ... that is just gross.
19. You wouldn't look so mean if You would smile on occasion, ya know???
20. Do you mind .. i haven't had my coffee yet?
21. Honestly ... it takes me two hours to wake up in the morning.
22. Clean out the litter box??? but it's Your stupid cat...
23. But my nails aren't dry yet.
24. i didn't say i deserved it, i said i wanted it.
25. Who died and made You Master. Oh chit ...
26. Sure i COULD cook but going out for dinner would be so much faster.
27. You know i noticed that some of the other Master's have bigger whips than You do.
28. But Master, of course You want me in designer clothes, remember i DO represent You.
29. Honest!!! Decaf IS a hard limit ..
30. Master, But that's so icky ...
31. If i wanted to eat healthy, i would be following my doctors orders ... ah never mind.
32. But You could do it so much better and faster than me, Sir...
33. If Your going to criticize how i do it, why don't You just do it Yourself?
34. Sure i could do it Your way, but my way is so much easier.
35. Sir, Have i ever told you that You're the reason God made Prozac?
36. Sure Your opinions count Master, but You know what they say about opinions.
37. But why can't i choose both, it would make things so much easier?
38. But i don't want to make a decision. That's why You're the Master, remember????
39. But that is not how they do it on the Internet.
40. You are definitely no Martha Stewart.

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