Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What An Intriguing Profile i Passed By.

So i am reading through a profile of a Dom. As i go on it rings very true, more true than some would admit. Of course the only reason i went there in the first place is because He peeped mine, and i thought 'why not' go have a boo. There were no promises made, things saying really the type or character (though that is nice to see), nothing that would normally draw me in and make me want to wonder about this person and find out more. Though i would not go for this Dom, i truly enjoyed what i read. So i am passing this on to whom ever would want to read this.... maybe it might turn Yyour crank. hehehehehe.

"You NEED to SERVE. Yes, serve. Not just "service" a Master, but truly serve him - his body, his heart, his spirit, his needs, his desires.

There is a huge difference between a girl who desires only to service the physical needs of a dominant man; and one who truly wants to totally SERVE a Master in all ways.

Your limits are few, if any. This Master subscribes to the idea: "A good Master respects limits... a great Master teaches to move those limits." Your desire is to have your limits acknowledged and respected, but with time and trust, you want those limits to be pushed, moved, and as is very often the case, to have them gone, so that you can so very completely serve him.

Nothing else makes you more happy, fulfilled and content than being owned by your Master, used by your Master, dominated by your Master. 

Your inner desires are to have your creativity, intellect, and submissive mind harnessed for the pleasure of your Master. Your humour, communication skills, imagination - all used to please your Master.

The thought that your body will be used in so many ways to fulfill the sexual desires of your Master makes your heart pound and your loins wet.

You crave to worship his cock and desire to learn more and more each day how to please him orally, for his cock will indeed need to be cared for often and often at a moments notice. In fact, cock worship is not just a desire of yours, but is indeed a need, a fetish, a requirement for your fulfillment. His entire body is something you look forward to pleasuring with your tongue, lips, hands. You long to taste his essence and drink from him. Yes, you even desire to fall asleep each night with his cock in your mouth as a soother, knowing it belongs to the One who makes you whole.

You are able to be a very feminine lady on his arm when he desires you to... or his sex toy, his maid, his pet, his plaything, his cumslut... whatever he desires, when he desires it.

You are preferably bi-sexual and the thought of being used with others subs/slaves on occasion is just fine with you. Your Master is a jealous Master and may decide to share you with other Dominants for exhibition only, or not at all.

Even if your Master's greatest desires are not yours, your willingness to fulfill his desires is what makes you happy.

You cannot wait to be on your knees before him awaiting his instructions, his wisdom, his explanation of what you are about to experience.

In fact, just kneeling before him - knowing you are owned, cherished and cared for by him - is something that you long for... indeed, require for your submissive soul to be fed, nourished, and fulfilled.

You are constantly thinking of ways to please your Master domestically, intellectually, sexually. You strive to anticipate his needs before he even asks.

A strict, firm Master is what you need. Protocol and ritual are part of your submissive yearnings.

You look forward to experiencing things you may never have tried before, confident in the fact that your Master will not push you beyond what you can bear, but will teach you to delve ever deeper into submission and into what you will do for him.

His desire is not to break you, but to use the talents and personality that you already have, and mold you into the sub/slave that you want to be while celebrating those personality traits that make you uniqe.


R.O.T.A.T. will permeate your life. What is this?

Respect - your deep respect for him, and his respect for you as his submissive.

Obedience - your swift and unflinching obedience to his wishes.

Trust - trust in that you will commit yourself fully to him, and trust that he will care for your submissive soul.

Accountability - you will be accountable for anything you do that displeases your Master and know that discipline and punishment will be meted out swiftly; and that your Master too will hold himself accountable for the way he dominates you, teaches you, and cares for you.

Transparency - you will at all times be completely open with your thoughts and feelings, so that your Master will be able to properly care for you, use you, teach you, dominate you.


Yes, you are a deep submissive, with slave tendencies... or you are in fact wanting to live the life of a consensual slave in your Master's domain.

You want to know that wherever you may be at whatever minute of the day, that you are owned by a Master who wants you to grow in your submission, give yourself over completely to him, teach you to live the life your inner spirit longs to live.

You desire to be at his feet - physically and figurately - at the ready to serve.

If all of these thoughts churn up emotions, sensations, and longings that come from deep inside, then you know what to do... talk with me. Let us find out if I am the One that you long to serve with body, mind, spirit. Let us find out if you are indeed the girl with the soul of a deep sub/slave that I will want to own, collar and dominate in a way that will fulfill us both.

If you truly want to be fully dominated by a Master with few or no limits, then talk to me.

Ask me any questions you desire. Tell me what you are feeling right now." 

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