Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unique Whips

Grrr on channels....

So just having basic cable usually is jut fine. You get some great lil channels, and you get your internet. Yipeeee! Well when i see a particular show that plays all the time and i want to watch it...... it makes me wonder if it is worth it to go to the higher channels.
On channel 48 is this wonderful looking show called Unique Whips. Now it isn't all about Whips, but just the name is worth wanting to float over there and drool. They have all different events on this show, even some sporty events. Yes, sporty. And it is usually with someone famous of a sporting or musical nature that is within the story line, but worth the watch.
There are other shows of course that are missing from regular channels within the worth watching pages. Even those that are slightly on the pervy side, not of which come on Friday night. Sorry for those who enjoy the G-rated porno's, but if i am going to watch a porno i want to see it all and in good hard core action. Yes they are great for the grannies out there, i do give them that. Woo hoo! i think i'll go and watch Quills now, just for the thoughts. Kinding, but if Aanyone wants to borrow it, i have a couple copies. :D

i would love to see a show strictly on Oour oh so nummy whips. If there is Someone out there that is more than willing and has the handle on whip throwing, please pic me..... i will make that show. i certainly could offer myself up for the 'stunt bottom' for that, not sure how long it would take You to pry me off the door to get me in the room though......*wink wink*.i don't think there has been a local movie made since the Alternative Loving one. i know i not the only one who would love to see one, get some of Oour local diversity out there for the masses to see. Wwe have some nummy looking pervs, and i would buy a video of many of them in their kinky ways. 
Back to the show........ i lead off the main thought for a few.... ...wishing i had that channel............

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