Wednesday, August 6, 2008

All That Other Info

Someone sent me a most excellent article the other day when They noticed something about me. i was a lil shocked that They read through what i was going through, but also thankful too. They didn't say anything to me at all, They just were there for me, even though it was a couple days after the fact.... but they were there for me (i think it lasted a lil more than a day or two, but for one day i went through hell). When Yyou read this article Yyou will understand why and what happened, and maybe how to avoid this happening to you or one of Yours.

This is in < > and all Yyou have to do is click on this link and go there. Yyou shouldn't have to have an account to read anything there, at least that is what they are saying in their lil regs.
Happy reading.

It is in Green for now, but will be in Black n Blue soon..... a few of my favorite colors. A couple of my favorite colors, and hopefully i find a lil better layout. Please leave comments, as anything will help. Hope Yyou enjoy the lil extras that are put out there.
Pervy Regards and Happy Kinky Reading

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