Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What was that about my profile......

Now i am wondering if people out there truly read kink profiles thoroughly. Now i do realize that there are a few out there that actually do, as i have received some wonderfully delightful comments on my profile in CM. Some of them even put a lil smile on my face, even to make me laugh a bit. And what makes me more than perk up is that They actually understand what i am trying to say, and put out there. This is a rare thing for some people, as not all understand exactly what is in those words…… reading between the lines as some would put it.

What i am getting at now is what is in almost bold face that Yyou can not miss and still ignore. When a lil one like me states that they are “not seeking a Dom at this time,” what does that imply to anyone out there in this kink world. Does that not mean that i do not need someone coming up to me and telling me that They would make a great Dom for me, does that mean that a Dom sending me His credentials is not a good thing, or does that mean maybe there is something going on in my life that warrants the fact that i do not want any more Doms hitting on me. Maybe, just maybe, it might have a sign in neon lights saying – oh wait please hit on me and tell me what You think You can do for me, what i can do for You, that Wwe have similar interests and kinks, and what i need in You and want in me………….; NOT.

Now don’t get me wrong thinking that the attention sometimes isn’t pleasant. But a positive comment goes further than a hit-on, and in my books that means more to me than You thinking that You can poor the sugar on with what Wwe can do for each other. Friends mean more to me than any thing else in the world (not above my relationship i have going of course, as that is my life, partnership and friendship tied into one), and if i can’t trust someone to be my friend instead of trying to get in my pants thoughts in Their head…. then They aren’t worth the beans on the shelf They might have been born off of. It is quite obvious to me that They are not reading what i am typing, or what my requests or needs are at this time. And sadly, not respecting my boundaries or possibly anyone i may be with. i shouldn’t have to post it in neon lights what is going on in my personal life to fend off any one person that may want to hook up with me, nor should i have to keep typing those replies back to Them saying “sorry, but i am not seeking a New Dom now.” Though i do this with the most respect and pleasantries, but it does get a lil tedious.

So for all those Doms out there that might think You are doing us lil ones a favor by seeking us out and thinking You are the one for us…….. read our profiles in full, and make sure that You are doing us a good service by emailing us and not insulting or tracking on shaking ground. Yes say yes and compliment our profiles and maybe even our pics if You like, but leave it at that. Let us come to You if we feel that we have more to add to the situation, or if maybe we actually might be seeking something in our lives…… and our situation has changed. Thank You.

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