Monday, August 18, 2008

Was i in a spreader bar, or was it the swim?

Today i am thinking that i swam about 50 odd too many lanes than i should have.
my thighs feel like they have been in a spreader bar for at least 4 hours with no break, and probably slung up in the air. And my left shoulder ( a lil bit of the right) chained in the air for a few hours itself, with no break as well.
Now not that i am complaining of the thought of being in such a position. As for a person such as me, this would put a most perfect smile on my face for the most part. Due to the fact that if i was put in such a situation, it would normally come with some perfectly pervy events to go with it. But since it involved nothing of the sort, i am thinking i need to change that. lol. So i am now thinking maybe two hours of lane work might just be a lil too much, or maybe i should take a break and do something else. hmmmmm.

Though now i have to go to bed with the thought of spreader bars and being in chains. *sigh* If only i was........... just tonight.

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