Friday, August 22, 2008

There is always a lesson

Lessons learned.....
i certainly learned a few things about myself this past month or so. There is a lot to be learned when going through life's roller coaster of a ride, and one thing that one must always do is hang on. Some of us tend to let go from time to time, and it becomes a detriment to Tthem/Oourselves. But Wwe can also take the whole assume phrase into account from time to time as well, but in what context do Wwe use it for. How are do Yyou hold on, and what does one hold on to? If lost in a sea of fog and uneasiness, one can not see what there is to hand on to. but if it may be the opposite, and there is a slight superciliousness. They might not even see what is being lost to hang on to. And how does one see the other's visuals happenings without the knowledge on how to do so, or even a small verbal confirmation of events or beings. If the communication isn't there, and even if it is lost, then there are broken paths taken by anyone who or what this may affect.
In the wonderful pervy world one lives in there is purgatory to live with if there is slight of hand, action or voice. But it is not always followed by the best examples, or even followed at all for that matter. It may be forgotten as time goes on, and with how one lives through the years and have given up by having been thee far too long and not looking back. i have learned myself to take a step back and ponder everything over now and then, but this has been going on for longer than just this last month or so.... this has gone on for a few years now. But what has transpired of late has given me an open eye to what i have to remember for the future if i choose to continue on my path as it has been, and know that i can not control everything that has to do with myself only..... especially when it is me who is left to be in control. There is not always going to be that cushion to brace me when i fall, sometimes one has to learn to deal with what is at hand and wait till something comes within reach or voice. No matter how insane it may feel or seem, brace for it to become far longer and deeper at times. It may not be over, and it can and probably will go into something where one has never been before..... with out that magical carpet beneath Yyou to carry Yyou to that safe place one needs to be. And even if it one can't receive the comfort that Tthey may need to help the healing through something, and there maybe some lingering effects to carry on for a longer time than what is considered normal..... breath. It doesn't feel right, it may feel like one has been invaded by a foreign object or other, but there is always hope that it will eventually subside. Keeping one's mind busy and doing things that keep Yyou going, is a great way to ease any issue that may have transpired. Not always, but it is a good start.

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