Friday, August 8, 2008

Looking Forward To Bugs In The Teeth

Crossing my lil fingers today that it doesn't rain toooo much on this fair lil area of Oours. In needing a lil meditation and something to take my mind off things, i'm off for a ride late today. Feel the wind in the hair, bugs in the teeth, vibration where it is needed;). Hopefully this will put a lil bit of a smile back on my face, as i think i lost it somewhere back there behind me. Still not quite feeling right either, and not sure how to back up there. Never had this before, not this hard and not by myself. There is one thing that has my brain wondering though........ Where is their lil stupid minds do men think that someone, even me, is going to meet them right off the bat out of one email that they have just sent me. With no info, no picture, no nothing. i don't know them from beans, nor anyone they know, and have nothing to go by. To top that all off, i am not even seeking a Dom in the first place - off the market so to speak...... which is quite clear in my profile. This didn't come in this site, but i tell you it really gets my goat some of these people and what they think some people will do. i wish some of these people would sit down and really think about what they are asking of other people out there, and then think if someone asked them that what they would do in their situation. i guess, as i have always said, it takes all kinds to make this world go around. But i am not going to be someone victim, and end up on the front page news even if it is for a java. pfffft. OOOOOOOOOOO. my first sunflower is in full bloom now. About time one of them came up, after having to do a re-plant with another 20 or so seeds this spring. Damn those sow bugs, and the rather poo ridden spring we had. It is a sad year in this yard for the sunflowers, but have i ever gotten my fill of blueberries. Yipeeeee. Almost have picked those bushes dry now, and going to go to my favorite abandoned blueberry farm next week and hope that those are starting to ripen. Looking forward to that trip, as it always is a good days adventure. Then go and find the native black berries, and who knows what is next. :D Well...... off to go do something or other around here. Then get ready for ride, i know it's going to be a great day.

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