Monday, August 11, 2008

Where Do Loyalties Lie

So recently myself and a couple of other people... hopefully no others, have learned that Wwe can not post about events that are happening in Oour fare cities and communities on Of course unless it is in Oour 'Friends list messege board', which would mean Wwe would have to have anyone that Wwe would want to inform of such events on Oour lists.
Now not only has this apparently been in their rules and regulations for a while.... which i never have seen, but Wwe can get booted for doing so. Doesn't matter what Wwe are posting about, as long as it is about anything to do with an event of any kind - including a java event to which Wwe meet up somewhere. Now there are quite a few peeps on there throughout this lil site that post on various such things, and i am sure 'they' (alt page hunters) have a fun time going through all these postings trying to find all who are posting different event calenders. But what i find rather redundant, when Wwe really aren't doing any harm if Wwe are posting this in Oour own community groups. It is being monitered over by the people who started the groups, and it's not as if Wwe are specifically soliciting for anything other than a dinner or coffee.
Now this isn't the worst part of it all. After my lil converstation with the lady on the other end of the phone a week or so back, not sure now as i would actually have to boo at my emails for that one. It got me to thinking about a few things, not just what a certain someone posted in one group after i informed her about the rules and to be careful. i actually advertise for this site in my main blog, and alt knows this. As it shows up on that particular email address, as well it would show up in codus. i also received an email after all the phone call and emailing back saying i wouldn't do so again saying that if i did anything against their rules, i would be permanently booted off. my mulla wouldn't be returned, and i would not be alowed back on. So why would i advertise for someone who threatend something like that to me, who also took my profile away for something as menial as posting about a dinner thingy (gotta watch my wording here in alt). There are other sites out there that don't block Yyou from giving Yyour email addy out to someone in private messeges (after at least 15 even), and Yyou can pretty much talk about anything.... and better yet - they are free. But i would not only advertise for them, i would also support them by even paying a memebership as it seems that they offer a lil more freedom.
Now i know my fellow perv is in the decission on leaving this big lil place. i don't blaim them, as i would be tired of certain things as well. As i sit here with a several thousand points sitting under my members butt, and think about what i am going to do it makes me wonder of what i should do. Then i also think of the peeps that i do keep in touch with here, as there are a few. Not all of them have moved over to other sites, and might not. But i also think of my concious, and morals and where they all lie. What do i think is right and wrong, and where should i place my cup of tea from here on in. Though lately i haven't been thinking all that straight, i still have somewhat of a thought proccess in there foggy as it may be. But it is those other oppinions that always help, especially from those who post with the info of the happenings out and about as well. And if Tthey have had the same problem as myself and a select few have had.
Pervy Regards

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